Thursday, 29 March 2012

New rear Wheel! Dia Compe ENE Touring hub, Rigida Zac rim and IRD freewheel

I have now got a new rear wheel to replace the bent one from the accident. I had a wheel made by SJS cycles that I thought would be great for touring and carrying loads, but would also fit in with bikes age and other parts. I chose a Dia-compe ENE Ciclo touring hub for a screw on freewheel. The high flange hub fits in with the high flange Maillard hub on the front and the one I replaced. The rim is a Rigida Zac touring model with double eyelets. Both are 36 hole which I though would be good for carrying heavy loads. I also bought a 6 speed 14 - 34 freewheel too. There were some negative reviews on the Internet but it seems fine to me. It has a slight wobble but I don't think that actually affects the transmission. I had it built with DT stainless steel spokes for strength and easier cleaning and maintenance.

Well I still need to get the rear derailleur set up properly with the new freewheel but I think it should be a great addition to the bike. Looking forward to going out on a proper trip.

Rigida Zac touring rim
Double eyelets

Threads on the hub are well greased to try and make removing the freewheel in the future a little less difficult.

IRD 6 speed freewheel, 14 - 34

New wheel installed

Monday, 19 March 2012

Knocked off and the rear wheel is bent like a banana, but roundish, but not round enough

I was knocked off my lovely Peugeot touring bike on the way home from work the other week. I was fine but my rear wheel, which took the impact, was really badly bent. There is no way it can be made straight again, it would be very much weakened if it was. Hopefully in the next week or two I will buy a suitable replacement wheel that fits the touring function and retro looks paid for by the driver. I'll post when I get it.