Saturday, 25 June 2011

Blenny (Lipophrys pholis) in my British marine native aquarium. A new inhabitant!

I have a new guest in my fish tank. It is a common blenny (Lipophrys pholis) and is by far the largest fish I have had in my tank so far. It looks pretty cool. It has really nice patterning. Most fish take a while to settle in but he has settled in straight away and is pretty active and coming up to the glass etc. I think I will feed it on Corophium and the odd polychaete worm.

Blenny (Lipophrys pholis) smile

Blenny (Lipophrys pholis), Cushion star (Asterias gibbosa) and Beadlet anemone (Actina equina)

Friday, 3 June 2011

Brooks B17, no pain no gain

The weather has been amazing in North Wales so it has been perfect for putting the miles in and trying to break in the saddle. It was fine to sit on for the first proper ride but my sit bones were definitely  a bit sore after. I'm putting Proofride on each evening and polishing it off the next morning, I will stop this after a week and do it less often. You can see the pressure points and how the leather is softening/stretching at those points. It is pretty comfy already and can tell it will only get better, thankfully.

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Brooks B17 standard leather saddle in Honey

I have fitted my new Brooks saddle onto the Peugeot touring bike. It looks great. It looks a bit nose up but Brooks said you should aim to have the weight loaded onto the widest part of the saddle so it does feel very different to my racing bike saddle and riding position. I can tell there is a little discomfort ahead while I 'break it in' and the leather softens and conforms to me. I put on the first application of 'Proofride' too. One application on the bottom which is not polished off and is only needed once, and the first of many applications for the top of the saddle.
The old saddle which was torn and not very comfortable.

The saddle as it came. There were lots of things to look at and read in the box.
Bottom of the saddle after one off application of 'Proofride' as instructed.
Brooks B17 saddle in honey
Peugeot touring bike with nice new Brooks B17 saddle.

Well I just need to put in the miles now. I should anyway, but now I have another motivation of getting that expensive saddle to actually be comfortable! No pain, no gain.

Brooks B17 Standard saddle in honey

My Brooks B17 standard in Honey leather saddle has just arrived! It looks great. Some nice bits and pieces to read as well in the box.  Looking forward to fitting it to the Peugeot and having the 'breaking in' excuse to go on many more rides. I bought some 'proofride' polish too with it, to help break it in and maintain the leather. Can't believe I spent so much on a saddle (although I did use a voucher which eases the guilt). I feel justified as everyone says they are THE touring saddle, and it should last me until I die I hope.
Pictures to follow