Thursday, 3 May 2012

Hoop = Food, R2 fish school training

Here is some further reinforcement of the hoop trick, except Siani likes to just sit in the hoop. I used fresh mussel flesh in the last few training session instead of Corophium. Corophium is easy to load into the feeding wand and does not fill Siani up so quickly compared to mussel flesh, but live food is harder to collect and keep.

I'm going to give the fetch trick a go next.

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Fish training update, Hoop trick

After Siani has been trained to follow the feeding wand anywhere for a food reward I have moved on to trying to teach the hoop trick. At first I was suing the feeding wand to tempt the fish through the hoop as instructed in the manual, this is in the first video.

After a few sessions Siani now perches onto and then eventually swim through the hoop. I have not got a great video but here is my best effort and a picture below. Due to this species naturally living on the bottom this trick is a little more taxing (or unnatural) for Siani than a free swimming fish like a goldfish. I think the perching on the hoop is still a cool trick. I just need to keep the training up really. I'll keep you updated!

Siani sitting on the hoop, waiting for food.