Saturday, 28 July 2012

Repairing open cell wetsuit with McNett Black Witch neoprene adhesive

I had a fairly large tear in my Mares open cell neoprene sock caused by slipping in the car park after a snorkel. I thought I would have to buy another pair. However I thought I would try glueing it as the glue is cheaper than new socks and people seem to find it very effective. Well I can confirm it works! McNett Black Witch neoprene adhesive ( is really really effective at repairing an open cell or standard wetsuit. It is very noxious and sticky stuff and I found a cotton bud was the best way to apply it. But it really works as after drying the repair is very string and still has some elasticity. I recommend this 100% if you need to repair your spearfishing, freediving or surfing wetsuit.

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