Saturday, 28 July 2012

Brooks B17 standard leather saddle in Honey – Review 1 year on

I have had my Brooks B17 saddle for just over a year now. It has been clamped onto my Peugeot touring bike which I use to get to work and to run errands. So far I am very pleased. My millage does not really add up to much over the year and so I’m sure there is still allot more improvement to be had as it softens up and takes the right shape. I have applied ‘Brooks ProofRide’ not as regularly as I should have but the saddle still seems in good shape. I have always put a plastic bag over it when its locked up top protect the leather from rain.  However there are some watermarks on it form times the bag has blown off etc, but that does not bother me. It does look great, especially with the matching brown leather effect Deda bar tape. The saddle has a few scratches on the edges from where it has brushed up or fallen against a wall but nothing serious thankfully.
Bearing in mind I have not done any particularly long rides but just commuting, I would recommend this saddle. The verdict so far is that it looks great, it is comfy (after a month or two) and maybe best of all it will last a lifetime.

Brooks B17 leather saddle after 1 year

A few water marks but still looking and riding brilliantly

The odd scratch from walls


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