Saturday, 30 June 2012

Mares Camo brown 3mm Open cell neoprene socks (Size 6/XL)

I decided to have the matching open cell Mares camo brown booties/socks to go with my wetsuit. This will prevent rubbing from the fins and keep my feet warm. The camo pattern matches the Mares camo brown wetsuit perfectly, although with the fins on not much of the sock is really visible anyway. I'm UK 9 shoe size so the size 6/XL seemed to match up best. I could have done with a size smaller though as it is not really a close fit and bunches up when i put the fins on, and is like having two buckets on my feet when getting out the water. However in the water I have had no rubbing and my feet have kept warm which is what they are supposed to do. I went for the 3mm which I think is the thickest they come in which has felt fine so far in the British waters as most of your foot has the fin as an extra layer of insulation. The sole is not really protected form rough or sharp surfaces which you may walk on, but it does have a grip coating on the outside similar to what you find on diving gloves to help prevent slipping.

Overall I'm pleased with these socks and would recommend them as long as you can get the right size of course.

Mares Camo brown 3mm Open cell neoprene socks (Size 6/XL)

Brown camo sock grip sole

Mares open cell sock in camo brown

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