Sunday, 16 September 2012

Beaver Odyssey Low volume mask (Suitable for Spearfishing / Freediving)

My old Tusa mask with the hyperdry purge valve that made equalising tricky

I previously used a Tusa Liberator Plus mask with the Hyperdry purge valve for snorkeling. It is great mask for scuba but the problem with the purge valve is it makes the nose piece very rigid. This made equalising quite tricky. I have now bought a black Beaver Odyssey Low volume mask from Anglesey Divers scuba shop in Holyhead. I have only tried it once but I really like the mask. It fits my face well and the silicone is very soft. It also has a frameless design. Not sure why they call it ‘frameless’, as it still has a frame, but it basically means the straps attach to the silicone skirt instead of the plastic frame like most masks. The lenses are smaller than my old mask but I can probably see more. I guess the low volume design bringing the lenses closer to the eyes keeps a good field of view. The straps adjust really easily by pushing some buttons on the buckles which will make adjustments easy, even with gloves on. Anyway I have only done one session with the mask within an hour of buying so I’ll see how I get on with it. Equalising is much much easier thanks to the soft nose piece. It comes with a box as well which is good. 
Beaver Odyssey Low volume mask (Suitable for Spearfishing / Freediving) 

Buckle attached to the silicone that makes it a 'frameless' mask

Beaver Odyssey Low volume mask (Suitable for Spearfishing / Freediving) 

Beaver Odyssey mask in action 

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